IX – X (Maths, Science, SST, & English)

Maths !

Excellent Coaching For Science & Commerce offers support for Mathematics for classes IX & X.Excellent Coaching For Science & Commerce curriculum is based on the Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation System (CCE) for 3 subjects – Mathematics, Science and English (only Grammar and Writing).

The main objectives of this program is to make the students able to :

  • Know and demonstrate understanding of the concepts from the five branches of mathematics. (number, algebra, geometry and trigonometry, statistics and probability, and discrete mathematics).
  • Use appropriate mathematical concepts and skills to solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations including those in real-life contexts.
  • Select and apply general rules correctly to solve problems including those in real-life contexts.
  • Select and apply appropriate inquiry and mathematical problem-solving techniques.
  • Recognize patterns.
  • Describe patterns as relationships or general rules.
  • Draw conclusions consistent with findings
  • Justify or prove mathematical relationships and general rules.
  • Use appropriate mathematical language (notation, symbols, terminology) in both oral and written explanations.
  • Use different forms of mathematical representation (formulae, diagrams, tables, charts, graphs and models).
  • Move between different forms of representation.
  • Explain whether their results make sense in the context of the problem.
  • Explain the importance of their findings.
  • Justify the degree of accuracy of their results where appropriate.
  • Suggest improvements to the method when necessary.

The course offered includes entire support study material, worksheets and tests.

English !


Continuous stands for assessment of a student throughout the year, not just at the end of a term. It may be done formally or in an informal way using different techniques of evaluation. Comprehensive takes care of assessment of all round development of a child’s personality. A child will be assessed not only in terms of his knowledge about a subject but his participation in other activities also. Broadly, we assess a child’s growth in two areas – Scholastic and Co-scholastic.
The term Scholastic refers to those aspects, which are related to intellect or the brain. It is related to the assessment of learners in curricular subjects. It includes assignments, projects, practical etc.

Science !

The course includes  Excellent Coaching For Science & Commerce offers support for all subjects of Class  IX & X such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and other subjects. Regular chapter wise tests are conducted to check the compatibility of the students in the subjects and train them to have command on the subjects being taught

The highly qualified faculties with years of teaching experience behind them provide the students with guidance & training of unmatched excellence.